Message from Grandmaster Biddlecombe

Dear Instructors/Members,

Thank you to everyone that attended the TCGB National Championships 2019 in Bracknell last weekend. Without your continued and loyal support, the Championships would not be successful and enjoyed by everyone, year after year.

A special thank you to the TCGB Tournament Committee for all the hard work in the organisation and running of the event. Personally, I cannot take any credit for this excellent work as I am not part of the Tournament Committee. However, I am currently working and aiming to conduct a special Instructors and high grade (black belt) “Training Day” in the summer. News of this event will follow at a later date.

I would also like to thank those that helped out with the running of the tournament over the two days, particularly officials (referees and judges), volunteers, first-aid and the TCGB Committee members. A huge well done and thank you to you all.

Well done to all the competitors. I hope you enjoyed taking part and gained valuable experience for future events. I also hope you all liked the new design of the medals. This change was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Chungdokwan – a wonderful achievement!

On a slightly different note, it was really nice to see many TCGB Instructors at the competition and I really appreciate the nice comments surrounding my recent 8th Dan Kukkiwon promotion.

Thank you again for your support and hard work. May we continue to train hard together and enjoy the challenges and learning that Taekwondo presents.

Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe,
TCGB President

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