Message from Grandmaster Biddlecombe

Dear Instructors/Members,

I am pleased to announce that I have successfully passed the Kukkiwon 1st Class Master Course in Muju, Korea. I would like to thank TCGB for the support and encouragement to undertake this training course. This accomplishment shows how far we have progressed and the recognition achieved as an association.

I am the first TCGB member to have attained this qualification and would encourage Instructors within our group to take up this challenge. The course comprised of self-defence, sparring and poomsae sessions. Lectures included the history of Taekwondo, philosophy and teaching methods.

It is important to set personal goals, within realistic timescales, so that we have a sense of achievement and also feel good about ourselves. TCGB are currently making plans for the All-In-One Seminar next month (26 October, Swanmore). Keep exercising, keep fit and I look forward to training with you at this long-standing event.

Thank you again for your support and hard work. May we continue to train hard together and enjoy the challenges and learning that Taekwondo presents.

Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe
TCGB President

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