Message from Grandmaster Biddlecombe

Dear Instructors/Members,

This is a polite reminder of the upcoming TCGB ‘All-In-One’ Seminar 2019 scheduled at the end of this month. The event will be on Saturday 26th October in Swanmore, 11.30am – 4.30pm.

I will keep this message short as I’m sure we are all busy with clubs starting up after the holiday period. The focus for the seminar will include sparring (Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence), poomsae (Grandmaster Biddlecombe and Master Rob McDonald) and Army-style self-defence (Master Rastra Rai), among other sessions. It is most welcome to see senior Master grades supporting the association, helping with the training and sharing their expertise. This is part of the work that Grandmaster Lawrence and I, and the TCGB Committee, have been working on – training together, in friendship, to promote health. Master black belts, please do let me know if at this event (or other events in the TCGB calendar) you would like help out in any way.

This promises to be a very exciting event. I have no idea what Gurkha warrior skills will be exhibited! Grandmaster Lawrence is fresh from the Hungary Fight Camp, while Master McDonald and I will work closely together to boost poomsae performance. There will also be a short Instructors meeting during the lunch break.

Thank you – keep training hard!

Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe
TCGB President

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