While the below video is little dated now (from 2011), the TCGB ‘All-In-One’ Seminar remains a regular fixture in the calendar, providing members with the opportunity to tailor their own training – poomsae, kyorugi or self-defence – YOU CHOOSE! These seminars are suitable for all TCGB students, from top “A-class” athletes through to beginners. Our wonderful Instructors are here to pass on their wealth of experience and help develop the next generation of Taekwondo practitioners.

TCGB has allocated funding to sponsor elite athletes, coaches and officials participating at high-level Taekwondo competitions. This specifically refers to the British Taekwondo National Championships, A-Class and above competitions (UK-based and overseas) in poomsae (patterns) and/or kyorugi (sparring). Sponsorship can be used towards the cost of competition entry fees, travel and/or accommodation. More information about how to apply for sponsorship is available on the Downloads page.