The TCGB Committee is reviewed by election every year at the Annual General Meeting. In addition to the current committee positions described below, Grandmaster Vincent Cheong (9th Dan) is a patron of the association.

The TCGB Committee shall uphold the principles and values of Taekwondo, show loyalty and commitment to TCGB, show respect, courtesy and consideration in the spirit of the martial art and support fellow practitioners of TCGB.

President – Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe (8th Dan)

Clubs – Southampton City Taekwondo

Responsibilities – Direct and coordinate the external activities of the association. Represent the association on external bodies, for example the British Taekwondo Group Members Committee. Chair meeting of the association and its committees. Convene disciplinary boards if and when required. Initial arbitrator for any internal issues or disputes. Act as head of team for international events. Tournament director of TCGB National Championships.

Vice-President – Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence (8th Dan)

Clubs – LLTKD, Kingston University

Responsibilities – Coordinate certification with Chungdokwan Korea, Kukkiwon, British Taekwondo and the association. Checking, reviewing and processing applications and update records. Support and deputise for the President as and when required.

Technical Director – Master Michael King (7th Dan)

Club – King’s Taekwondo

Responsibilities – Standardise techniques including poomsae and kibon. Provide and maintain Dan grade syllabus. Organise and chair technical committee. Organise and lead TCGB seminars. Organise the Dan Gradings. Member of Dan grading panel (Kukkiwon 5th Dan holder). Maintain own technical standards.

Treasurer/Registrar – Master Lindsey Bell (4th Dan)

Club(s) – LLTKD, Kingston University

Responsibilities – Ensure that the money and property of the association is properly managed. Ensuring that there are proper systems for financial control and reporting. Processing all financial transactions. Maintaining all appropriate financial records. Preparation of regular financial reports and ensure these are fully discussed and reviewed. Preparation of a full set of accounts for each AGM. Pursue any outstanding debts on behalf of the association. Maintain a register of members. Maintain a register of instructors. Coordinate with the British Taekwondo Registrar.

Secretary General – Natalie Mestry (1st Dan)

Club – University of Southampton

Responsibilities – Convene meetings of the association and its committees. Convene the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Convene if and when required the Disciplinary Committee in coordination with the President. Minute all meetings of the association. Coordinate the day-to-day operation of the association. Handling enquires from prospective students. Handling enquires for prospective new member clubs. Liaison with Chundgokwan groups worldwide. Liaison with Chungdokwan Korea. Distribution of details on association events including seminars, Dan gradings and tournaments. Coordination of International trips. Coordination of visits by guest instructors. Review and update the Information Pack for Instructors.


Welfare Officer – Master Steve Aldis (6th Dan)

Clubs – Aldis Taekwondo Barnet, Aldis Taekwondo Oxford

Responsibilities – Assist the association to fulfil its responsibilities to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. Promote adherence of the British Taekwondo Safeguarding Policy by TCGB. Promote and ensure confidentiality is maintained. Maintain own knowledge of safeguarding issues and keep up to date with good practice. Liaison with British Taekwondo and other relevant bodies. Work with clubs and support members of the association with issues of welfare and reporting.


Tournament Coordinator – Heena Shah (3rd Dan)

Club – LLTKD, Kingston University

Responsibilities – Convene Tournament Committee. Ensure that TCGB National Championships and any other championships agreed by TCGB Committee are adequately prepared, including the provision of venue, first aid, security, mats, electronic scoring, officials (Kyorugi and Poomsae), weigh in, merchandise, refreshments and, where required, accommodation. Coordinate the running of the TCGB National Championships on the day.


Education Officer – Master Dean Gibbs (5th Dan)

Club – Chung Yong Taekwondo Academy

Responsibilities – Coordinate the running of coach education and knowledge sharing within TCGB to include regular training/squads, seminars and workshops. Assist the TCGB Technical Director and Technical Committee in providing guidance and feedback to the association’s instructors and clubs, including all areas of the martial art, Dan grading support and sport development. Stay up to date with British Taekwondo coaching qualification requirements and provide information to TCGB coaches on how to ensure they meet these requirements. Work to continually improve the knowledge and standard held within the association. Encourage and support the widening of participation.


Publicity Officer – Master David Honey (4th Dan)

Club – University of Southampton

Responsibilities – Maintain and update TCGB website and social media. Arrange and develop copy for any advertising campaigns. Design association merchandise (e.g. t-shirts for TCGB National Championships). Liaise with suppliers and printers for best price. Design and arrange printing of programmes and publicity for events.