Training Seminar with Grandmaster Byeonghyun Shin

TCGB are delighted to announce a training seminar with Grandmaster Byeonghyun Shin (9th Dan) of Chungdokwan Korea on Sunday 15th April in Kingston, London (2-5pm). The seminar is open to all grades (£20 per person) and presents an opportunity to train with one of the great Taekwondo practitioners! The seminar is likely to be active and physical, with Grandmaster Shin renowned for his high technical standard and training. Don’t miss out, we hope to see you there!

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Message from Grandmaster Biddlecombe

TCGB President Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe is planning to provide regular updates to our members regarding upcoming events and other Taekwondo news. Here is Grandmaster Biddlecombe’s first message following the TCGB AGM 2018.

– – – – –

Dear Instructors/Members,

Firstly, thank you to everyone for your continued and valued support over the past year.

Following the AGM 2018, it was nice to see so many attend the event. This presented an opportunity for members to meet the TCGB Committee and hear first-hand, reports made from each party. To add, I would like to say a special thank you for all the hard work of the Committee.

The loyalty and commitment from all Chungdokwan practitioners is greatly appreciated and recognised. I hope we can continue to enjoy working together in what looks like a busy, but exciting programme for 2018.

In my speech, I discussed continuing the hard work, mainly, strengthening our relations overseas and within our organisation. We are planning to support our friends in South Korea, whom are holding a Summer Training Camp (please message our Secretary for details). This is a great opportunity to train with and meet Grandmaster Park Hae Man and Grandmaster Shin. This will help to determine our promise, loyalty and dedication to our leaders in Korea.

To continue strengthening our relations from within, I would like to ask Instructors to attend all of the TCGB events in this country. This is important, especially for high grades, 5th Dan and above to meet and train with fellow practitioners. For instance, the Grandmaster Shin seminar, all-in-one training seminar, Pre-Dan seminars (this training is open for red belts and above, not necessary to grade), and national sparring and patterns competitions.

I would like to see contributions where possible, to strengthen our association within, support each other, encourage student participation, achieve personal goals and above all, enjoy Taekwondo together. Our common goal is to experience the Taekwondo spirit, by working together; training together.

Grandmaster Shin will be visiting us on the 15th April and conducting a seminar. Grandmaster Lindsay Lawrence and I would like to see all senior Instructors at this event. We have to make the most of these special, notable occasions.

I will be sending out further updates for the coming year. I wish you all good health and hope to see you all in the coming year. Train hard, enjoy the challenge, and learning that Taekwondo offers.

Grandmaster Mark Biddlecombe,
TCGB President

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Welcome to the new TCGB website!

We have finally moved the TCGB website over to the WordPress format to help better communicate with our members. Please let us know what you think – as you will see, there are still many sections to be updated and additional resources for us to provide, but we’re getting there at long last!

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